Cancellation Head Trophy Munich March 2020 - Alternative date in November 2020

The Head-Trophy in March 2020 has to be cancelled. The organizing club SV Ottobrunn did not make this decision easy, but came to this decision after a detailed risk analysis in cooperation with the local authorities.

In the current situation with the spreading Sars-CoV2 / Covid-1 infection in Europe and the protective measures taken by the authorities, it is not possible for the organizer to guarantee a proper competition two weeks before the planned event.

As the organisation of an international swimming festival requires a considerable organisational run-up and about 100 helpers and judges are involved in the execution of the sporting competitions, it cannot be assumed with certainty under the current circumstances that this is also possible. In addition, the organizer is confronted with the increasing probability of an official ban. Short-term event bans would have considerable financial consequences for the organising club, which could be mitigated by the cancellation at this point in time.

SV Ottobrunn is currently considering an alternative date in November 2020 and hopes that all teams registered so far will understand the decision taken. Should it be possible to hold a competition in the Munich Olympic Swimming Hall in November 2020, the organizers would be pleased about a strong participation of the more than 60 teams registered so far.



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